Airport Transfers

DOOR to DOOR Airport Transfers

Sunshine Coast and Brisbane Airport

The Sunshine Coast has a couple of airline companies to opt from. We have used their services previously and have considered them very consistent and rate effective at the time of travel to the Brisbane airport and to Brisbane.


Transportation means to the Sunshine Coast are wide-ranging and there are a lot of trouble-free ways to get there without too much hassle. The different ways depend upon your location, your budget and the number of people you are traveling with. All the variety of options will be price associated. As of February 2012 the following services were available to everyone for the route from Brisbane airport to the Sunshine Coast.

Servicing the route from Brisbane airport to the Sunshine Coast Door to Door




Henry’s and Sunair: They provide their services and take you from the Brisbane airport to Noosa with a door to door transfer Service. Pre-booking is required by all travelers and ought to call or check-in online. Fare from Brisbane to Coolum is approximately $55. Henry’s and Sun air have a lot of people happy with their service. Sun air carry passengers all the way from the Brisbane airport to the Ettamogah hotel and then Henry’s shuttle passengers to their ultimate destination on the North coast. 0754740199.

Cols Airshuttle: are a Brisbane airport – Sunshine Coast shuttle bus service providing friendly,professional, airport shuttle bus transfers between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland 7 days per week DOOR to DOOR*

Lazmar Airport transfers: offer a modified Chauffeured service working out of the sunshine coast. Reservations should preferably be made in advance for convenience 07 5476 7367.

Private Transfers: 0434 281 009 will provide a private chauffer service from door to door and also have a range of Mercedes and BMW vehicles available for those who like to travel in style.

TAXI: TAXI provides its service from Brisbane to the sunshine coast and can be expensive as the prices start at $2 per kilometer or $250 one way.

By Train: Queensland rail offer a great two or three hours service all the way from Brisbane to Nambour with bus connections from Nambour (07 5453 8200).

By Bus: Greyhound Australia has several buses that go from Roma Street transit center in cenral Brisbane and travel via Brisbane airport and up the coast area stopping at the David low way. The trip to Coolum takes approximately 3 hours (1300 473 946)

By Road: Driving from The Brisbane airport is approximately a 60 to 90 minute drive on the Bruce Highway depending on the time of day and the traffic. The best way is to take the Maroochydore turn off just following after the Ettamogah pub and run along the Sunshine Coast Motorway or take a take the other turnoff at Yandina. From the Gold Coast the drive to the Sunshine Coast can take approximately 2 hours. Approximate distance:

  • From Brisbane to the Buderim is 99 kms
  • From Brisbane to the Maroochydore is 112 kms
  • From Brisbane to the Coolum is 124 Kms
  • From Brisbane to the Noosa is 140 kms



Henry’s transfers you to the northern towns of the Sunshine Coast (07 5474 0199) they greet every flight that arrives at Sunshine Coast with a door to door reliable service.



Sun-air Bus Services (ph 61 7 5477 0888) offer their service in Maroochydore and the towns to the south with regular transfers from door to door.

Taxi: The Sunshine Coast cabs run all over the sunshine coast and charge approx. $2.50 per Kilometer. The Average fare from the sunshine coast airport to Coolum is $35.