Walking on the Sunshine Coast Coolum Beach

If you like walking this one’s for you. When you stay at Petfriendly Holiday Houses Coolum Beach there are some fantastic walks you can take with all the family and your dog. The Sunshine Coast is magnificent. At Stumers Creek you can walk north and between entry point numbers 67 and 72 your dog can walk leash free. So from Stumer’s walk north until you get to Peregian Beach. Dependent on your speed it might take fifty minutes. We grab a coffee at one of the excellent cafes. Grab a breakfast or lunch too if the fancy takes you. Normally we choose the Baked Poetry Cafe. Take your time, relax, enjoy. Then walk back along one of the Sunshine Coast best beaches. It’s therapeutic, it’s healthy, and it’s fun. Your dog will thank you too. Remember to take some water – for you and your dog. There are plenty  of dog watering bowls at Peregian  Beach too. We also grab a swim along the way. Our dog, Tess, loves the water too. So keeping her wet helps to keep her cool. Here’s a shot Richard took last weekend. Enjoy and check out Petfriendly Holiday Houses at Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast has to offer. Happy holidays, Maureen.


Coolum Beach – Christmas Flicks in the Park

Seasons greetings from Coolum Beach Pet Friendly Holiday Houses. When you visit be sure to check out Coolum Flicks in the Park  – it’s dog friendly too.  Visit  www.Pethols.com.au to see other things to do. Lookout for more posts about events to visit while you’re staying at Coolum Ocean Views and Coolum Boutique Tree House during school holidays. Enjoy and have fun.  Maureen x


Dog Heaven

Give your dog a treat and let them have fun at Stumers Creek. It’s a leash-free dog friendly beach at Coolum. The family will have fun too. Social encounters of the dog kind are guaranteed. It’s a safe place for the kids to play, to fish, play ball, have a picnic, and relax.


Coolum Beach: First Bay

Summer is almost here. First Bay sits serenely at the bottom of our road. A dip in the water, fun and relaxation with the family, a glass of wine, a picnic, an engaging novel?  It’s all medicine for the soul. Enjoy a holiday to be remembered. See you at Coolum Ocean Views pet friendly holiday house where you can enjoy our dog friendly beaches. All the best, Maureen West

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