Point Lookout Holiday House

Point Lookout, Coolum Beach – Pethols – a walk on Mount Coolum

Mt Coolum is one of the many walking trails you can take during your visit to Point Lookout pet friendly holiday houses at Coolum Beach. This beautiful walk can be done at your own speed but dependent on your fitness you can walk up and down between 35 to 65 minutes –  although the sign at the bottom suggest two hours.

Stunning views … it’s a great feeling to reach the top

Mt coolum 5






The trail is almost magical. It starts slow …

Mt Coolum 2









But gradually gets steeper …  Give it a try.

Mt Coolum 3










Good luck and tell us how you did.

Coolum Beach Point Lookout is simply the best pet friendly holiday house to visit on the Sunshine Coast

My local furry buddies tell me that Coolum Beach Point Lookout is simply the best pet friendly holiday house to visit on the Sunshine Coast. Socialising, playing, making friends, fetching ball and just generally sniffing around – Yeah, that’s what we dogs like. So when we’re on holiday at Point Lookout where do mum and dad take us for walks? Well with my lead on you can take me almost anywhere but be sure to take my pooh bag because I never know when I might need to go.  But I heard on the dogvine that Stumer’s Creek is the place to hang out. Yes sir, I heard dogs of all kinds just have a ball here. Pardon the pun. No leash. We can just run, splash and play with friends without that annoying leash. And we can swim in the creek or the ocean. It’s great for kids here too. It takes 4 minutes by car and 25 minutes to walk. So where is Stumers Creek?  Just go down Scrub Road towards the ocean then turn left and head north for just over 2kms then turn right into Stumers Creek road. Head down toward the bottom of the road and there’s the creek and the ocean. There’s showers and washing facilities for me. And showers and toilets for mum and dad.  From there the world is my oyster. I can roam free for 1 km north between beach accesses 67 to 72. Awesome fun.

An alternate walk is to take me to Point Arkwright. You’ll need my leash for this walk but I heard it’s really beautiful. So you walk me down to the bottom of Scrub Road , cross the road and turn right. Walk south up the hill, past beautiful First Bay. As you continue up the hill you’ll pass a car park on the left. Keep walking until you come to a second car park. On the south side of the car park you’ll see a track that heads down some stairs onto a path that leads through the woods. Keep walking along the track for about 15 to 20 minutes until you come to a wide clearing and picnic facilities. You’ll know when you reached this spot because you’ll find another car park and the most beautiful views from the Point. Keep a lookout because along the way you might spot ospreys and kites, as well as turtles and in season, whales.  This walk will take you about 1 hour return trip. And there’s water for me to drink along the way.

Remember if you need to wash me down when we get home to Point Lookout there’s an outside tap and hose to the left of the front door.

So what are we waiting for? My tail is wagging. Grab my lead and let’s go!


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