Ten reasons to take your dog on holiday with your family

Going on a vacation? A family holiday? Well sometimes it’s just too difficult to leave your dog behind. So take your best friend with you. Here’s why:

  1. Family is Family – right? So family holidays should involve the whole family. That includes your dog.
  2. Personal Trainer: Your dog is a natural exercise motivator. Take your dog on holiday and you’ll be more likely to walk further, run more often and play more actively. That has to be good for you and your family’s well-being and good health.
  3. Security Manager: While your dog may lick an intruder to death most likely you’ll get an early warning indicator to any welcome and unwelcome guests.
  4. Social Network Manager: Dogs are the world’s best social ice-breaker (after babies). Please bring both. Take them anywhere and you’ll be sure to strike up conversations, acquaintances and friendships. Your dog will always ‘take the lead’.
  5. Scrap Demolisher: Dog and dad may go hand in hand or maybe paw in paw in ensuring that all the meal scraps are eaten so nothing is left to waste.
  6. Fun Manager: Ball, throw and fetch, hide and seek – both dog and dad will always be there to create that extra element of fun.
  7. Agony Aunt/Uncle: You can discuss any crisis with your dog and they’ll most likely wag a tail at anything you say. They give support and always agree.
  8. Photography Model: Your dog is always happy to oblige a photo shoot. Just throw in a couple of treats here and there to maintain motivation. And the holiday snaps shared back home will be all the more delightful
  9. Welcome Home Enthusiast: A return to your dog, even after an hour or two away, will always generate a warm and happy welcome.
  10. De-Stresser and Less worry: Taking your furry family member on holiday with you is great contributor to a relaxing break. No need to worry about your dog in kennels or in care.

Take a holiday. Bring your dog. Visit our dog friendly website (www.pethols.com.au) or given Maureen a call on 0404 044866 for more details.